Dear Kootenays: a photographic exploration of a 30 year seduction

Frog Peak and Skyline


What is it about a place that seduces one into living there for most of their lives? How do you describe those elements of comfort or fascination that have a life-defining impact?  Tom and I have lived in the same community and in the same house for 30+ years now. The “30” is a kind of landmark that intrigues and compels us to look for answers to those questions.  

Dear Kootenays: is an exploration of our tie to this place. Through these images we have found insights into what makes the Kootenays home for us and what is important about how we experience life here. The images speak of contrasts and so we chose two presentation styles to represent those contrasts — Metallic and Canvas. Metallic with its edgy glow, and canvas textured and soft.

For us it is essential that we have complete artistic control over the end product. That means we do it all — from image capture and development to printing and presentation. The metallic prints are mounted on aluminum composite panels resulting in a sleek contemporary look. We use museum quality canvas for the canvas prints, which are stretched over our own Kootenay White Pine frames.

Dear Kootenays: runs from August 22nd to September 30th at Selkirk Eyecare, 543 Baker Street, Nelson.

Hope those in the area have a chance to stop in and take a look!

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