Wallshots Blog Post — March 28, 2011

Hardcopy your Experiences: Print Your Photos

I’m pretty sure I was making some kind of statement worth documenting…erm… ;)

The Deep

Photos document social history (read: humans interacting with their world). Your social history that deserves to be displayed. To be touched. To be handed to your kids, parents, friends. To be put up on the Wall. To be Talked about. To Be Remembered.

The Real — How to Get to the Deep

Every time you take some photos Print The Best One. The Best One = the One you Like the Most.  The One that tells Your Story. Frame it and put it up on the Wall. Or Magnet it to the Fridge.

The How to — Be Real

Carry your Camera around with you. You never know when Social History events will rise up and beg to be remembered.
If you are Just Starting Out — set everything to Auto. Some Cameras Love Their Auto. If your Camera will let you — set the colour space to Adobe RGB (1998). It has more colours in it than sRGB and will make a better photo.
Open The Best One (One = JPEG). [Unless you are shooting RAW — in which case you likely already know this stuff]. Save as a TIFF file. Because the data in the JPEG degrades every time it is Saved. The JPEG should be archived as your Master only — Never Make Changes To The Original.  (You can’t convert your JPEG to TIFF in Picasa or Windows Photo Gallery). Use Corel, Paint Shop, Photoshop Elements, Photoshop — like that.
While you’re at it — Check the Resolution — some Cameras give you your photo at 72 ppi (pixels per inch). Good for Web and Email not for Printing. Find out what Resolution your Printer likes best and Change the image Resolution to that. If you need to, Tweak the TIFF to get the colours just right. Make it BIG if you want to.
Find a quality printer and use quality paper. Print.

The Loop — Back to The Deep

Frame it and put it up on the Wall. Or Magnet it to the Fridge.
Touch, Talk, Remember.

Are you convinced enough to At Least Think About IT?

No good those photos sitting on your harddrive.  That’s Dumb.

Upcoming Blogs: 

  • More detailed tips on getting your photos ready to make Prints You’ll Love
  • Links to Really Great photography websites
  • How to make them BIG
  • RAW anyone?
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2 Responses to Wallshots Blog Post — March 28, 2011

  1. Todd says:

    Hey Jo -
    Love the new blog!  Love the tips on photo-taking!  Info that can be refered to online, from somebody who has been there.  Cameras can be intimidating …at least in the beginning stages.  Looking forward to more of it!

  2. Jo Brown says:

    Thanks Todd, glad you liked it!  I assume you are looking through your hard drive at this very moment!

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